Design Export Improvements: 11/10/20 Latest Improvements


Yay! That makes the export feature even more useful.

Hooray! I will have to try it again!

So this is dated next week?

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Not anymore – thank you for pointing that out!


I thought it was just supercomputers at work… your job will finish printing before you even start designing it! :joy:


That makes me so happy. I ruined 2 sqft of wood the other day because I remembered 90% of the settings on an item that I had already made another 2 of and was trying to make another 2 more.

Okay, I’m missing something.

Export feature?? What is this and how does it work?

Click on the three dots in the interace and select “export design”. It doesn’t work with purchased Glowforge designs, but does for your own files.

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Another odd question: why would I want to export my designs? It sounds cool, I just don’t understand what I would do with them after I exported them.

If you create a design in the Glowforge interface that you wish to modify in an outside program, or print on paper or use for any other purpose, you can do that now. You can also export designs to your computer so that you can organize them in working folders since the Dashboard still doesn’t have that feature.

You might also not be a Glowforge customer until the end of time, and want to re-use your design somewhere else.

For those who have used the premium features to create designs and have their storage space limited they would need to export them back to their computers or lose them.


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I have a request for a simple improvement. Can someone add a 90 degree rotate button. The free rotate is good but sometimes I just want to flip something 90 degrees without having to try to work at it.

Done for some time now. Just hold the shift button down and it rotates in 45 degree jumps.


Get out! Thanks, can’t wait to try it. I wonder what other little things I’m missing?!


Love this! Can’t wait to try it out.

Welcome to the forum.

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I also just learned that holding the shift key while resizing will let you unlock the aspect ratio!

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