Design for Dual Purpose Toast Tongs

Here’s the design for the Dual Purpose Toast Tongs I posted here. (4.0 KB)


You need:

1/8" or Medium Proofgrade hardwood or plywood for the legs of the tongs
1/8" or Medium Proofgrade hardwood or plywood in a contrasting color for the fulcrum top and bottom
1/4" wood (could use draftboard also) for the square peg and the spacer bits. This looks nicest if you use wood that matches the fulcrum wood. If you don’t have 1/4" wood, you could make two of each of these pieces and glue them on top of each other.

The design has embedded text (which will be stripped by GFUI when you upload the svg) that explains what each part is. The grooves should be engraved with 3D engraving settings.

The fulcrum top and bottom pieces can be engraved for a decorative touch.

Here’s an in-process photo showing how the parts go together:

The photo shows the peg test-fitted into the cutouts on the legs. DO NOT glue them in place at this point. First glue (I used wood glue) the inner fulcrum parts down to the underside fulcum piece cut from 1/8" material. Then place the peg in place and the legs on the peg, to test for fit. You will probably need to do some filing or sanding to get the peg to fit flush. Once you are happy with the fit, glue the peg in the space and the legs on the peg, all at the same time so you can adjust the fit. Lastly, glue the top fulcrum piece in place.


Ooh :slight_smile: I had a shockingly hard time finding those the last time I looked. I like the idea of individualized ones!

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Wonderful, thank you!

Thanks for this