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Hello, i have been trying to make custom writing in Gimp for a sign and everytime i went and put the svg file in Glowforge app, this message would pop up.

I can’t seem to figure out how to send the zipped file. It says that i cannot send xcf files or whatever.

Maybe i am doing this wrong but whenever i go and convert the file from the said xcf file to svg. I end up getting an internet explorer version that is a shortcut to my own desktop file.

i manageg to convert it to a png and upload the file into glowforge and this message popped up.

That’s a new one to me, if you feel comfortable uploading the PNG to the forum maybe someone can take a look and figure it out?

I usually do text in Inkscape and sidestep some of these issues. If you’re hand-lettering I can see why GIMP would be a better choice, but if it’s just text from a font, it might be easier to do it in a vector program? Anyway, hard to give really solid advice without seeing just what you’re doing.

Sorry about that. I really cant figure out why i cant send the png here. In short, what i`m trying to do is make a logo (Writing a single letter) for a restaurant to then put it into app.glowforge and engrave it on acrylic.

I have never had a “transparency” issue with Gimp but I think there are several easy issues also involved.

When you load any design into the GFUI until you call out a material or a Set Focus you will get a “no artwork” signal no matter what and you just need to call out a :proofgrade: material or use the Set Focus if not :proofgrade: to solve that issue.
Another common issue is if any part of the design sits outside the printable area (even a fraction of a mm).

As for the transparency issue if you create a white layer below your work in Gimp and Export a png you will have a nontransparent background that the GFUI will ignore.

I engrave PNGs with transparent backgrounds all the time, no white fill is generally needed.

That’s why I was asking for the problem PNG, because something’s up there.

Without seeing your gimp file, I’d guess that the SVG export is set to link to the graphic, rather than embed. Your easiest work around is to simply use the PNG file – the GF accepts those without issue. You could also export it as a PDF and get the same results.


I work that way as well but was eliminating any transparency, including in the text part of the design. I suspect that Exporting may be the issue there

Here is the png file that im trying to work with. I think this one might work :smiley:

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It is extremely simple, nothing crazy, i am just extremely bad with gimp/inkscape since i’ve never used these kind of programs

It will work for engraving, but not cutting/scoring.


It loaded without any trouble for me, that’s strange.

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