Design is empty

I just saved an auto cad drawing in Inkscape. When I tried to load the drawing to print I get an error message that says design is empty. Does anyone know why?

If you would zip up your file and drop it in this thread, someone will look it over for you. Which design software are you using?

Moving to Everything Else, since this isn’t an issue that requires a support ticket. :slight_smile:

Oh, shoot, I misread it to be an Inkscape issue. Still, I’m pretty sure we can get you going without Support needing to be involved. As @PrintToLaser said, let us take a look at the file for you. I’m betting it’s a simple fix. :slight_smile:

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it could just be off the page. you can try zooming out to see if it’s hidden up in the corner.


Was it saved as an SVG?

Also, you may need to “import” and not copy and paste to get the elements within the file to appear, even if you did save it as SVG. (This is something you have to do if you want to combine images for etching with cut lines, or is the approach I use–Import the image file, and it uploads fine to the GF. Just copy & paste without any change to the object once in Inkscape, and the GF ).

What file format did you save it in Autocad? Or did you not create it yourself?

What file format did you save it as from Inkscape?

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I figured it out! The drawing in Autocad was in an array- I exploded the array and then it worked! Thanks everyone for the helpful advice!


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