Design LIke a Designer Humble Bundle

I know I just posted a different Humble Bundle and, don’t want to come off like a shill but, this design bundle might also be of interest to some Glowforge folks:


The offerings remind me greatly of the Graphic Design Book Club, which I was subscribed to in the ‘90s. (Even though I’m not a graphic designer—I was just very interested in the subject.) I have quite a few books from that era still. I ought to pull them out and look them over. Any that were software specific are worthless now, of course.


You probably beat me to it if there was an email today. :slight_smile:

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I love Humble Bundle.


I sure love their book bundles. Won’t buy any more of their software though, there was some bizarre spyware like stuff on one that I installed… had to reinstall Windows on that machine. :frowning:

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