Design not loading in desing space

Does anyone know what I am missing? My design shows on my dashboard. When I open it, the images show in the left side bar. However the design is not anywhere on the design board. I have minimized the screen to make sure it was just not pushed to the side somewhere.

If you can share the file itself, someone could look at it to eliminate the file itself as a problem. Remove the engrave portion if you bought it, or it’s private.

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I was having a ridiculous moment! I figures it out. Silly mistake! Thank you!


Hi @amyrutherford. I’m sorry to see that you ran into some trouble with the Glowforge App and your design. It sounds like you were able to figure out and resolve this, so I’ll close out this thread. If you run into any further trouble, feel free to create a new thread, or write us at Happy printing!