Design not loading

I have been trying to load the pendant blank from the home page and it only says “rendering design” but will not load. This file worked a few days ago but has not worked for the past 3 days. I REALLY need to make some ornaments for gifts tomorrow but it is not looking promising :frowning: Any suggestions?

Here is a file I threw together that is similar to the pendant, perhaps it will load for you.

Red = cut
Black = score (or ignore)


Right click and save the image or download here.

The support folks should be able to restore your file for you.

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You might want to try a different internet connection, use your phone as a hotspot just to test?

I’ve never used it, but I just opened the pendant design and it came up in a couple of seconds.

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Thank you!

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If you would like a couple of different shapes, here is a page of blank ornaments I made. Obviously, delete or duplicate as needed. I went ahead and filled the whole 12 x 20 board. Right click and save as SVG.



I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I hopefully will be able to teach myself Inkscape or Illustrator after the holidays! I have zero knowledge of either :frowning:

Happy to help with Illustrator. I think Inkscape is the only program I gave up on.

Well bummer -my mac won’t save the file as sag :frowning: Guess I need more training…

Did you try svg?

Yes, sorry that was supposed to say .svg I am finding that the Glowforge is not as user friendly as I thought. I know it is a learning curve but it is the things that I assumed would be effortless that are giving me problems.

Some things are effortless, like simple traces. Some require a lot of expertise with design S/W. Most things, just a little experience. Usually takes a couple weeks before the value is realized.

Which browser are you using?

Safari, Chrome, and Firefox all allow that file to be saved as SVG. Right-click on it, Save As, select location and file name.

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