Design of the month Purchase

Why can’t we purchase the “Design of the month” anymore?

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You can add it if you are premium subscriber, but only for a short time when it is posted. There was a copyright issue with the February (not March as I had said) design so it was taken down rather quickly. There is a discussion thread on here about that.


Hmmm. I bought them earlier and they still show up for me. Do you see them at all?

The copyright issue was the February design, I believe.


I am a premium user, but have not seen a design of the month project offered for a while and was wondering about it.
At first I received an email with a link and it would give a price for non-premium users, but haven’t seen anything for months and I login at least twice a week. IDK :woman_shrugging:

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This has been here for the entire month. Perhaps you need to click the catalog page.


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