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I am trying to make a tile of this image. I do not know how to recreate the image into a format in which I can reverse engrave it. I have a blue tile and want the original look of the image provided. I think that entails “reverse engraving”.

Suggestions? I have ZERO design experience, so am not sure how to do this.

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Just to be clear, do you want the animals (black parts) engraved or not engraved?


I want all the blue parts of the original image to stay blue, and the rest to engrave, which should change them to “white” or gray scale look.

I am dashing out the door, but someone will be along to help you. What design software do you use?

I have design affinity on my tablet. I believe we have silhouette business on my daughters pc. I also have Canva pro.

Can you use this?


So, with the above image, the dark areas would engrave, leaving the white areas the original tile glaze, correct?

I’m going to try it!

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Yes it won’t engrave the white areas.

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They don’t look pure white to me, is that an optical illusion?

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FYI, I moved your post to Everything Else. Problems & Support is for contacting the company (and getting user help) about issues with the machine - not for design questions.

Looks like @beerfaced has you sorted :smiley:

I don’t use Design Affinity but per a quick Google search on “invert image” what you’re looking for is Layer > New Adjustment > Invert.

It should be.

no it definitely has RGB values, I can see it too. Image needs a trip through levels to clean it up.

Yeah I thought so. In gimp, I’d turn to greyscale and then just do a quick curves adjustment to get the white to pure white and the black to pure black.

Of course there’s a case to be made for no pure white, if you wanted the hole design to be “toasted” on vary power. I’d probably opt for pure white though, it’s that kind of engrave.


This one might have less white in it:


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