Designs not saving in dashboard

Anybody else having issues with designs not saving in the dashboard or at least not saving any changes? I’ve several designs that are not saving update and changes and requiring considerable time to go back and rework them. Generally adjustments that have been made within the glowforge program.

No, I am not seeing that behavior.

I’m hoping a fluke, but it happened on 3 different designs. Now I’m just leaving them open in separate windows until I’ve finished burning all of them so I don’t have to go in and fix them again.

The UI is a client-side app, so most of the time when it gets wonky it’s your browser. Clearing the cache usually fixes it for me.

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Good advice. Thanks. I"ll check

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Has this cleared up, or are you continuing to have any trouble?

It does seem to be better. I can’t get a response about a replacement belt though

I’m sorry! I’ve found your other question and asked a colleague to help as I don’t have the answer for you. I’m going to close this post since it’s cleared up.