Designs On Front Page

There’s a bunch of really neat example designs on the front page of under the title “What can you print on the Glowforge?”. Are any of these designs going to be made available. Specifically I’m looking at the Macbook Pro “skin” design.

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My understanding is that they will all eventually be added to the (design) Catalog.

I thought the plan was that all the designs in the initial marketing video going to be offered in the catalog. Not sure about the rest of the designs on the web site for marketing. Some have showed up like the pattern on the nori. I think the intent is to have them. Not all free. Here is an old topic that has lots of discussion on the intent and possibility of the catalog.


The designs on the front page might or might not, but the video designs are planned for sure.

The globe and shoji lights are actually lights in my house. Very early projects, I’d have to dig those up!