Desk organizer

Possibly the only thing organized on my bench right now. At least this stuff is organized.

Proofgrade draftboard and some sign standoff’s I got off Amazon.


So need that!
Could you share the link to the standoff’s? Those look really nice.

LuckIn Glass Standoffs Stainless Steel Advertisement Screws 19 x 40mm Wall Mount Advertising Nails for Sign Displays, Set of 20

They are not really great, they look ok. There is no mounting hardware with them. It appears the intent is to run a drywall screw down though the barrel of the body to fasten it to the surface. It would have been great if the bottom were also threaded.


Damn it, man. My list of need to do’s grows faster than they get checked off.

Nice build!


Good to know, thanks for sharing!

Great job! I love this organizer! I can see myself making one for pretty much everything I own. (BTW, the link you shared for the stand-offs actually leads to an amazon listing of S-hooks.)

Is this the link we are looking for?

Sorry, it appears the ones I ordered are No Longer Available they were 19x40. If you order in lengths in multiples of 5mm it makes the math easy for the number of layers.
Try these.
Lantee 20 Pcs Silver Tone Stainless Steel 19 x 40mm Standoff Hardware for Glass

Organization … and super sharp looking!

Lower-end standoff features, but they look good and the price is right. High-end standoffs are painfully expensive.

imageNew Tool organizer I made today. My desk is fully armed and operational now!


Very organized! :+1: