Desperately need help. Waiting on support for a week now

7 days ago our pro which had worked flawlessly suddenly stopped mid project with an orange light.
We cleaned all the lens and mirrors and cleared the orange light but it has not cut since then.
We have tried all the standard processes that have worked in the past regarding printing the gift of good measure on medium draft board but it will not cut through.
It appears to flare and burn on the cutting side but blank on the reverse. It will score and etch but not cut.
We have had only one suggestion from a technician at glowforge to check the printer head connection and a ribbon on a board to the left of the bed area. We took pics and sent them and confirmed they appeared to be ok.
Can you possibly help us we are at a complete loss what to try next.

We are a small business who has had to contract a third party to print for us. We are losing big $$ every day this machine is down and the lack of support is really getting us down.

Judging by the width of the line, my first guess is the lens may be in upside down. “Cup goes Up”.

Yes the lens is in correctly but I notice the plate it seats against moves up and down - does that get adjusted automatically by the head depending on the focus needed for material thickness?

Yes. The clicking you hear when the machine gets turned on or when it’s preparing to print is adjusting the lens up or down for focus.

Yes, as @kanati said, that’s the autofocus mechanism. That cut line just looks fat to me.

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Yes I agree the line looks thick and the laser is flaring producing scorch marks on the project - the lens is inserted properly do you have any other suggestions?

Besides the possibility that the focus is way off, that’s all I’ve got. That cut should be a hairline. focus or lens position issue are the only reasons I know of.
If you cut that on proofgrade material with default settings, no matter how sure I was of the lens being in correctly - I would check it again. Stranger things have happened.

I wonder if your focus adjustment is malfunctioning. Try doing a series of cuts but offset the focus height in increments to see if the laser beam gets wider or thinner. if you find a point where it’s thin and cuts through, minus the height you put with the actual thickness of the part to see how far its off. That may help glow forge staff determine if its the auto focus. Hope it helps.

Thank you so much for posting on our community forums. I see that you’ve reached out to us directly via email, and I’ve sent over the next best steps to get you back up and printing. I’ll now close this thread.