Destiny Plaque

So my boss is a HUGE fan of the game Destiny (video game, first person shooter I think…). Anyway, he asked me to make him some Destiny themed magnets because it’s something he’s always wanted. So I took the symbol, put it in a circle, and voila! Well he loved it and asked if he could have one bigger that stands up, and I said of course! I used @brokendrum’s Versatile Stand Design which is awesome! Plus it was my first try at living hinges and they are sooooo cool!!

Question though, the engraved area is very rough, would increasing lines per inch make that less textured/charred looking? I used PG basswood ply and auto settings. I’ve read some stuff about a second unfocused pass to smooth things out, would that technique apply here?


Very cool! :grinning:

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Just in time for your year-end bonus!


That thought may have crossed my mind :wink: