Destroyed my organiser

So i wanted to engrave my organiser, but FAILED… and burned through.

So i tryed to save my organiser and made an wooden inlay. All i wanna do now is make a wooden organiser ^^


Looks great!

I have found that in the crafting world … there is usually a way to turn fails into successes with a little magic!


Great place for a spot of Leather too!


Nice recovery!


Oh, great save! I like that much better! :grinning:

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Happy mistake, It looks great! I’ve been looking for some office gifts to laser, where’d you find this one?

Thanks! The organiser is from a local book store called Bruna. In Holland you can find these in almost every town and city.

The design is from Strong Viking. An abstacle run very much like the spartan runs. if you never, you should try. That feeling of releasing the beast… setting your “Ancillary Mode Dial” to panic!