Details from October 15, 2015's Glowforge open house

First and foremost, I’m so sorry if you weren’t able to RSVP. We had to cut things off at 125 people. But good news, everyone! We’ll have a livestream on Youtube so you can play along with the home game. It will go live at 6:30 PST.

If you did RSVP with the form provided, hooray! We’re so glad you can make it! Here are some details:

  • If you’re a Glowforge owner, we’ll write a number on your nametag when you come in.That will be your magic ticket to print! Prints take about 5 minutes and we have 80 owners coming, so we’ll do our best, but we have to shut down at 9:00 and everyone may not have a chance to print.
  • We’re going to be printing your sharpie sketches on the acrylic samples we provide, much like we did at Makerfaire. Unfortunately to keep things moving, we can’t demo anything else.
  • You’re very welcome to shoot video, take pictures, and even Periscope/Meerkat your print.
  • Jot down your referral URL and bring it with you. You can find it in your inbox, in an email titled “Glowforge Purchase Confirmation”. While you’re here, share your pictures/video plus referral URL and you may well score some fantabulous $100 refund credits. : )
  • There will be pizza, snacks, and beer provided.
  • The whole thing is absolutely free. Thank you so very much for your support!

If you filled out the RSVP form but didn’t jot down the time and location - it’s 6:30pm on 10/15 at 2944 1st Ave S. We’ll have to check names at the door, though, so our deepest apologies if you didn’t get to RSVP - we just won’t be able to manage dropins and +1s.

PS: The rubberband - launching drone flies at 7:30. :curly_loop::curly_loop::curly_loop::helicopter:


I assume this is Pacific time? Can’t wait to tune in from Dallas, TX!


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Hey @dan: Will you be running the Basic or Pro models? I’m sure lots of us are curious to find out how each of the two models do over 2.5 hours of printing.


Two basic models. I wouldn’t divine anything from how things go tonight; these are our demo units that have had about 10,000 miles on them being trucked around the country, run for 12 hours straight on day 2 of makerfaire, etc. All this from early prototype units - it’s a miracle nothing rattled loose already.


If you do any other open house (or other livestreamed events where camera isn’t the focus)…

Maybe set up one of the GlowForge units over here by the camera. This helps the crowd to spread out instead of fighting to go into one corner to view either of the working machines.

Or, stream from the computer beside the forges, so that the camera can be propped up in the corner between the two machines.

As nice as it is to see your window/wall, or the back of people’s jackets… we are mostly attending the stream to see the machine work :smiley:

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Nice work team Glowforge! I think the live stream went really well! Looking forward to seeing more featuring additional materials & other features! Also, can’t wait to see the pro model in action once protos of that is available!


Is there somewhere the video is available? This one just says the video is offline…I can click the other 14 minute video instead and watch that but not the open house one. Did any one at the open house post video anywhere too?

Here’s the link to the 50 minute highlights video from Glowforge’s YouTube channel:

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Oh goodness. .thank you! I should have been able to find that. I’m not usually so useless but I was in a bit of a post surgery medicated delirium looking for all things glowforge until 7 am :-0 I’m a little obsessed. Thanks for the link! Going to binge watch the channel now!

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Things like this ALMOST, (not quite, but almost) make me wish I lived back in Washington state!