Determining laser settings

I read all the posts and occasionally ask a question and have always gotten helpful responses.
I was cutting out some motor mounts for a neighbor who builds wood model airplanes for his flying club. It took him 2 1/2 hours to make one engine mount and I was able to cut one out in about 3 minutes. He asked me to make him 5 more mounts and I said no problem. I cut the original mount out of a 3/32 piece of Baltic Birch he gave me. He gave me another piece of Baltic Birch, 3/32 but the plys looked a little different. I put the piece in my Glowforge pro and proceeded to cut the additional 5 sets of mounts. After about 12 minutes it was done and I removed the piece to find out it had not cut all the way through. It is amazing how the same thickness of material doesn’t always use the same settings. Bottom line, like I have read here many times, do a test cut. It is so easy to do a small cut on the edge, or cut out a graphic, but no I had to assume all 3/32 plywood was the same. I had to make a trip to the local hobby store and purchase another sheet of 3/32 plywood. Always test new material before cutting. I am getting requests from local clubs and some in Arizona to cut parts for them, which is a good thing, but I didn’t buy my glowforge to make money.


I will hold the material down and try to lift the cut with a piece of tape. If it didn’t I can run the cut again as long as the material didn’t move.


:point_up_2:THIS! If you get in the habit of checking after every cut you’ll save tons on wasted materials.


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