DHL came but I haven’t received the labels yet!

Hi there,

Unlucky here, I’ve been told that my GF needs to be replaced!

I’m waiting for the lbels and the step by step on how to pack my Glowforge to be sent back! Yesterday the DHL came to pick it up and I have no clue about it !

Can someone help me on that once via emails I’m not getting a reply?


oh no sorry to hear this mate -
let us know how it goes

Will do!


have you checked all of your junk/spam folders, just in case?

Yeah! I did! Also, all the GF support emails come in my Inbox as they are replying from a precious issue!

Thanks anyway!

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I’m so sorry for the trouble you’ve experienced so far. We just sent an email to you about DHL with detailed instructions on how to arrange a pickup to return your Glowforge.

Since we’re communicating in email now, I’m going to close this thread.

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