Diamond Miniatures - Grandfather clock

This 12th scale grandfather clock was made entirely on my Glowforge. It is 15cm / 6 in tall.


Beautiful. Loving details.

Holy cow - that is amazing!

I love all your miniatures and this one does not disappoint. Amazing!

Your work is so detailed and beautifully executed. Thanks for this photo.

Beautiful! Love the detail on it.

This is amazing. I cannot get over the level of detail you’ve created in something so small.

Awesome work! I love miniatures!

Amazing detail, well done!

can you put a penny by it so I can show someone scale??


That is beautiful! I love miniatures!

That is INCREDIBLE! Nicely done!

Oh WOW that is awesome. I LOVE miniatures:-)

No pennies - but I did have a quarter (on the right) and a tuppenny bit (two pence) on the right.


aaargh! Tuppence on the LEFT!

Awesome, Ann!

Wow! That looks amazing. Before I read the description I thought you made it using the pass thru slot! Great job!

Nice! My weird brain is making me see it as full size sometimes!