Diaper wipes in GF?


Hey does anyone know if I can use diaper wipes to clean out my GF? I never received any of the cleaning wipes that was supposed to come with my machine, but I have a ton of diaper wipes around.


I wouldn’t recommend them for the lenses or cameras but if your just wiping down the lid or basic interior then it would probably be fine.


Id pick up a big box of zeiss wipes off amazon. Theyre super cheap


What @soldiercoleman said, swing by Walmart or most any chain drug store and pick up some lens cleaning cloths.


Yes as @markevans36301 said, Walmart has the exact Zeiss lens cleaning wipes provided by GF in boxes of 50- 200. Our local Walmart had 100 count for $5.00 yesterday but prices vary a lot.

The wipes are for the lens. I just use a random cloth and some glass cleaner for everything else. Spray on the cloth not inside the unit.


I use a solution of dish soap and water to spray on a towel to wipe down the insides of my machines as recommended by Universal…not the lenses or mirrors… The problem with baby wipes is that some have oils or lotions that can leave behind residue that can attract more dirt.


thanks so much for the replies! I’m heading to Target tonight anyway, so I’ll see if they have any lense wipes there. I’ll let you know what I find.


Contact support. They sent me a good supply when I told them the wipes weren’t included.


Seconded! They leave 0 residue. They’re cheap. You can get the from Amazon. It’s like a win/win/win/win/win situation. :slight_smile:


And they come with a free cardboard box that can be cut up and used for tests and jigs :grinning:


I use regular Lysol cleaning wipes on my machine once a week. I also have lens wipes for the lens cleaning. But I wipe down the case, the inside of the lid and the top of the tube with the cleaning wipes and no issues. Keeps it looking awesome.


Aww, lucky you!* Mine came in a big ziplock baggie

*totally kidding. I have way more cardboard than I know what to do with. When is that globe gonna get added to the design catalog?


Order more stuff.

Laser more cardboard. :grinning:


Well. I went to target yesterday and the ONLY kind of lens wipes they had were the “up and up” target brand. 60 wipes for $3.99. They are sitting on my laser right now and I’ll let you know how they work, but they look cheap, I just hope they perform better than they look. (hoping they don’t breakup as I use them and leave bits everywhere)


Search online for Pec-Pads. I use them for cleaning the opticals on my SLA printer. Also, there is an eyeglass saline solution that could be helpful.
4"x4" qty 100 is 12.95 plus shipping on Amazon.


We recommend the wipes we’ve tested from Zeiss - I’m going to move this to Beyond The Manual for those who are excited about experimenting with tushy cleansing products on their laser.


@dan, just to be clear, the zeiss wipes for the lenses specifically? or only use Zeiss wipes for cleaning anything within the Glowforge?

Can I use the other wipes for the rest of the box?


The Zeiss wipes are only for the lens and beam windows. Any old rag or cloth is fine for inside/outside as long as it doesn’t leave lint or threads inside. There are a lot of good suggestions for a cleaner but would lean toward something that doesn’t leave an oily residue. I use a glass cleaner only because I have a lot handy. Do not spray the cleaner inside the unit. Spray or drip on the cloth and then wipe.


BTW: GF is starting to offer select spare parts in their materials shop. One of the spare parts is a laser head mirror. It is under the top metal cap of the GF laser head. DO NOT TOUCH!


I have extensive experience with first surface mirrors used in precision optical systems. I’m guessing laser mirrors are similar in how the coatings are deposited. Would strongly suggest never wiping or touching the surface of this mirror. Not with Zeiss cloths, not with your fingers. The delicate coatings are almost impossible to avoid scratching even with the slightest wipe of a cloth. I’ll let others with more experience cleaning laser mirrors confirm or refute this.

Edit: checked another laser site and their method of cleaning the mirrors are not as rigid as normal practice for cleaning a standard first surface optical mirror. Not sure why. Either way, be really careful not to scratch the surface.


Totally agree. I’ve learned the hard way not to wipe a front-surface mirror!