Dichroic glass?

I know the GF can engrave the dichroic coating on glass. It was previously posted, however, nobody mentioned settings, and they were using borosillicate glass.  I am using 3mm COE 90 or COE 95. I know it can be done, I am just curious if anyone has any idea of the settings to use?  Do I need to mask both sides of the glass? One side of the glass? (I feel like I should use masking just in case it breaks so it doesn't leave shattered glass everywhere...)
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I doubt the exact settings matter a huge amount. The dichroic coating is usually pretty thin, so I wouldn’t expect it to take a huge amount of power to remove it. (Wikipeda says the coating is typically 30 to 35 millionths of an inch, or about 760–890 nm.)

That said, different brands may use different manufacturing techniques so what works on one piece may not work on another. I think the only way to be sure is to experiment. I’d probably start with lower power and higher speed, see if it works, then if it doesn’t break through the dichroic coating, try again with a higher power and/or lower speed.


Take a look at the forum’s body of knowledge through the Search function (upper right of the browser window, for me). Look for something like “glass engraving” or other terms that work better. There’s a lot of info on using lubricants to absorb some of the heat while the laser is doing its business.

Good luck and show us what you make.


I’ve been using speed 800 / power 45 / LPI 225 focused at 0.2 inches. It gives you some place to start! I’ve had my Basic for many years so it isn’t quite as powerful as it used to be. I engrave Bullseye for fusing (literally doing it right now :sweat_smile:) and never had it break or crack, and I don’t use any masking.


most of my dichro is bullseye, so this is extremely helpful