Did anyone else lose files from their Dashboard this morning?

I was cutting a file this morning and when the cut finished, My dashboard had lost most of my files. Currently it is only showing 35 files. I am very close to tears right now. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Do you have Premium?
Without it, uploaded files not opened in the last 30 days automatically get deleted.


I don’t have Premium, and I’ve still got files on my dashboard from 2+ years ago.
I’ve never had any files deleted, except on purpose by me. Hopefully thats not something new…

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It’s not new, they started doing that sometime in the last year-ish. It’s not how old the project is, it’s when you last opened them that counts in the 30 days. Since you don’t have Premium it might be wise to start exporting your projects to save them permanently.


Yes, I have premium. I discovered that if I turn off the Glowforge and log out then turn it back on and log back into Glowforge, I have all of my files again but after I use 1 of those files, I lose them again and have to repeat the shut down and restart process. At least I know that my files are still there, so I feel a lot better.

Yes, good advice. I do keep most files on my main hard drive but the ones that I design on Glowforge (specific fonts, lay outs, trace files and sizes) are only on my dashboard.

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Turning off the Glowforge should not impact your files in the Dashboard. Logging out of the app and back in should do the trick if the glitch is in the app. Try that without including the Glowforge itself, and/or try opening the app in a different browser.


Strange behavior for sure! hopefully just a temporary glitch.

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Thank you! I opened it in a different browser and everything is working correctly now.

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I just logged in today and noticed most of my files are not there. I have tried logging in an out & turning off my machine & still nothing. What happened?

yes me too I have lost half of my files on the dashboard

mine too

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