Did I buy a New Machine or Refurbished machine?

Im starting to question that the machine I received was a new machine.

Im wondering if anyone else has questioned this as well.

My machine arrived with scratches and singed wires in the laser head, something that you may find on a refurbished unit, but most definitely not a new one.

Not only that, it has completely malfunctioned, to the point that it’s entirely unusable, and I’m having to have a replacement sent out, a refurbished one of course, under warranty. Ive only had it for 2 months…

All of it just didn’t add up to me and I wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this as well.

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They run every machine through pretty involved testing in the factory - so they’re all “used” in that sense. They are supposed to do a serious cleaning after running the tests, but some people definitely got dirtier machines than others. They’ve even done warranty replacements for folks who got machines that were dirty enough to be questionable. So most likely that’s what you were seeing - the scorched wires of course never should have made it through QA - yay for warranty replacements even if it requires a bit of a wait :slight_smile:


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