Did I get a refurb?!

I ordered a GF pro a few weeks ago, and received it on Friday. The box it was shipped in had zero damage, but the right side of the machine had a crack - I was advised in the Facebook group to go ahead and turn it on to see if it works - it worked for 3 cuts, and then the cam broke off as well, and I also noticed it will not cut on the right side, no mater what material I used.

I have emailed twice, have yet to hear back from anyone and am extremely frustrated that I now have a 6k paperweight. I’ll attach pictures for reference, I don’t understand how something can be damaged, coming out of the box, when there is no damage to the box it was shipped in.

I’m so sorry your Glowforge arrived in that condition. We’re here to help! I’ve just replied to your email with next steps. Since we’re taking care of it there, I’m going to close this topic.