Did I get skipped?

Did I get skipped? Pro purchased 10/21/15.
First email. 10/31/17.
Proofgrade. 11/14/17
No tracking on glowforge. I just seen that some one guy got his email on 11/28/17 has profgrade and tracking number today. Dec 4 is his GF arrival. Spreadsheet stoped spreading.

If you got skipped I did too.
Order Oct 20 2015
E-mail on Oct 30th
Programed on Nov 7th
November shipping yet.
Maybe soon :smile:

Just remember Pro’s and Basic’s are getting delivered on their own schedules.
That might be the cause?

That question has been asked 50 times. As far as we know there have been zero people skipped after the email.

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I hate Auto correct. Proof grade was the word .:):crazy_face:

If it’s been 5 weeks contact Glowfoge support. (At least that is what support told me on Wednesday).

My pro just shipped last night (got email on 10/27 and responded immediately), so a day short of 5 weeks. UPS initially said it would be here next Thurs (I’m on the east coast) but has since updated to Friday, so mine will have taken the full 6 weeks to arrive.

I saw a dozen people who got their email after me and/or ordered their pro days after I did who got their GF last week. A few received their pros this week. No idea why my unit took 2 additional weeks to build. Made me feel that my work order fell behind someone’s desk, but it is on its way now.