Did I make the right decision purchasing a Glowforge!?

At this point I am second guessing my decision on making such a big purchase with Glowforge. Part of the decision to go with Glowforge was that they were available to ship right away because they had the Pros in stock and because they claim to have the best customers in the world, but I have not been made to feel that way so far.

I sent an email out and I know someone will say well you just opened up another ticket slowing down the process but I might actually get a response when support decides to close this thread and actually send me an email.

All I would like to know is when I can expect delivery. Any communication keeping the customer in the loop goes a long way but I have not even recieved that.
One thing I’ve learned in the Army is hurry up and wait but at least we have some communication to go along with the waiting. It’s kind of scary not getting the communication from the company and seeing so many issues with the customer service.

I’m so sorry for the wait. I’ve just followed up to your email with an update on your shipment.

Since we’re working on it there, I’m going to close this thread. Feel free to post a new topic if you have any other questions.