Did my simple cleaning bite me in the butt?

A funny thing about that. I had a lot of problems before discovering that many things are sold that come in exactly 4-inch canisters/bottles also if the edge of a cut cylinder is heated the diameter shrinks. This can create a very tight seal easy to quickly remove or replace,

These V-8 bottles have that shrinkage already done and very tight which makes things very easy.

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FINAL UPDATE: Turns out I was wrong. My vent is in a hard to reach place under my enclosed deck. After sending my sister-in-laws boyfriend down there for me we found the issue. Although I had checked that smoke was coming out, not enough smoke was coming out.

The metal mesh that keeps critters out was gunked up pretty bad from my draft board exhaust. He cleaned it out for me with a tooth brush and problem solved. For now. Once I’m well enough to go down there I will have to open up the mesh holes a bit so that a regular cleaning in a tight spot will not be required.

Good news out of the whole thing is that I did invest in a new external exhaust fan and I love it! Crazy quiet!

Thank you everyone for trying to help this stubborn guy fix a stubborn problem!!!