Did not receive an air filter for Pro . Use exhaust vent?

Real newby here, so I’m sheepish to ask this dumb question. Excited about my Pro, but was I supposed to receive an air filter?? I did not. I read it should have arrived in a separate fourth package, but I only received three packages.

Am I confused on one of the benefits is that the air filter cancels the need to use the exhaust vent to the outside? In other words, does the GF Pro need to use the exhaust vent? If yes, ok, I will use. If no, but I don’t have an air filter yet, is it ok to use just the exhaust vent until they send one?

Thanks to anyone who can clarify… I’m dying to get going, but gotta do it the right way!

air filter to be shipped at a later date, take a look at your profile for more information

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The air filters are going to be shipped later. As mentioned, the order information on your profile will tell you about when to expect the air filter. Until that time, you are free to vent using the provided vent hose. There are several users on this forum who have come up with and shared effective venting solutions that you may be able to use.

Got it, thank you.

My bad! Thx for quick reply.

Cut yourself a vent, and the filter won’t be needed. If at all possible, putting in a permanent vent is ideal, putting in a temporary window vent is a pretty good option. Search the forum for “window” or “window vent”, and you’ll see what I mean. Tons of posts on the subject.

Thanks for the answer @steven.regehr, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!