Did shipping packaging change some more?


was just looking at my UPS notes and it’s showing the GF package as 79 lbs. I thought everyone else had been saying 70 lbs.


Yours has some left over turkey inside. Enjoy!


Mine was 70 lbs. with a shipping weight of 79 lbs. The shipping weight is just a billing thing to count the volume.


Mine says its 79 lbs too. Was it not always that much? I imagined someone at glowforge working very hard to keep it below 80.


Yep, UPS & Fed Ex go by “dimensional weight” which involves some wacky math based on the box measurements. It really jacks up the shipping price. This week I shipped a 7 oz package via Fed Ex; the box was relatively small (10 x 6) but I was billed for 2 lbs due to dimensional weight.


My delivery weight was 72 lbs in September.