Did something change with draftboard?

I ordered a bunch of draftboard and the GF settings do not cut all the way through anymore.

Im hoping its a material issue and not my laser. i havent had the machine all that long.

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I recently got an order of draftboard that was thicker than what I’ve got in the past. I had to change a few files to make it work but my machine still cut all the way through. Maybe it’s getting thicker yet?

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Draftboard gunks up your optics really fast – make sure you’re not missing any of the places that need cleaning. If not that, it might be time to clean your air assist fan.


Hi @matt16. I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into some trouble with your Glowforge not fully cutting through your recently received Proofgrade Draftboard material. I saw some great suggestions to check the optics, and have some other suggestions to help. Please turn off your Glowforge and check the following:

Once all these things have been checked, please perform the following test print.

  • Print the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material, using Proofgrade settings.

  • When the print finishes, leave the lid closed and wait until the fans stop and the picture updates.

Check the completed print:

  • If the Gift of Good Measure fails to cut through, take a photo of the front and back of the print attach it to any response post

Once received, I can take a look and decide on any next best steps to get you printing without any cut trouble soon. Thanks!

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Thanks. I gave it a good cleaning and that seemed to have been the issue. Thanks for the help

Matt Truiano

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Hi @matt16. That’s great news! I’m glad to hear it was resolved, so I’ll go ahead and close this thread, but feel free to reach out if you run into any further trouble. We’ll be glad to help. Happy printing!