Did the art move or not

I was cutting a circle to make a circle a little bit larger. After adjusting and looking at it at 300 percent I was satisfied and hit print. After it scanned and was ready for the magic button the view now showed the circle off. So I adjusted it. Turns out I should have left it alone. Has anyone else experienced this and do you have suggestions.


Click on the center of the design with the Set Focus tool. Then shift the artwork where you want it to be. Don’t move it again, the time that the view is corrected for the fisheye effect is immediately after clicking at that spot with Set Focus.

(After the print, the view shifts back to the warped image.)


Thanks. Ill do that. To be clear I didn’t move the wood but I adjusted the artwork.
I also noticed that I would purposely place the wood center on the camera hoping for the clearest image and it appeared to be left of the camera lens.
Thanks for the quick response

The image from the camera shifts depending on how thick the GF thinks the material is, hence the usefulness of the set focus tool.

If right below the camera is off, you might benefit from the lid camera calibration routine.


If you hit print, then move the artwork, then press the big glowing button, your move will have had no effect. It’ll print where you had originally placed it. To change where it actually prints after the button is already glowing, you have to cancel and hit print again.

Yes you should have left it alone. To go over the same area do not move the artwork. After a print it appears to be off but the laser will be dead on if neither your work piece or the artwork is moved.

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I see that the community has provided some good advice on the next best steps. I’ll keep this thread open a little longer, and see if any of those steps helped. Let us know how it goes!

Here is a link on how to use set focus. https://support.glowforge.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033633714-Alignment

Hey there,
Thanks for checking on me.
I just wrote this and realized I have a related question hence me jumping back to the top to ask it. In the calibration instructions it said something to the effect of not recommended to use draft board with the air filter. So I did purchase the air filter system and that’s the only way I currently use it and I have cut about 8 sheets of draft equivalent. Is that a problem?
Aside from that I did follow the steps of recalibrating the camera and it passed.
In doing so it reminded me that I had moved the Glowforge because I was got a different table for it. Unfortunately the table basic construction wasn’t good and sent it back. So I will end up doing this again once I settle on another table. I have not cut another piece to test it do to schedule. I’m working on illustrator to do a leather piece so I’ll probably get to it on Wednesday.
Thanks again for your help and yes the community was helpful.



Your filter will clog up very quickly that way. Including the price of a new filter, MDF is the most expensive material you can use, and Ply with an MDF core not far behind.

For locating the one thing that does not change is the precise location from the popup in the lower left corner. the image in the GFUI can be way off depending on thickness but the precision location will be the same.


Thanks for that information, cheep wood expensive outcome. Good wood good outcome.

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Hi @CTD, I’m glad to hear the advice you received has helped, and that the camera recalibration was successful. That’s great news!

As @rbtdanforth mentioned, MDF, plywood, and even Proofgrade Draftboard will cause your air filter cartridge to clog fairly quickly. If you’re able, the best thing to do is exhaust directly outside when working with those materials. Just remember to adjust the Air Filter Attached toggle switch in the app when you want to switch between the filter and exhausting outside.

Since it sounds like your original issue is solved now, I’m going to go ahead and close this thread. If you still need help with this issue or anything else please either start a new thread or email us at support@glowforge.com. We’re happy to help!

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