Did you get any GF/crafting related holiday presents?

got a couple of nice things yesterday here. a worx saw for cutting down boards, a nice selection of sanding sticks, and a bottle of mahoney’s walnut oil, which i’ve been curious about trying.

anyone else get anything interesting?


Got some squeeze bottles, 16 gauge wire, embossing powder, and gel pens!


For Glowforge, I requested Rub and Buff, looking forward to trying it out. Other gifts were for card making and laminator supplies.

We like the Worx saw for cutting down material.


Ha ha!..didn’t get one for Christmas, but I was ‘enabled’ right here in the forum at least a year ago to buy one. Glad I did…it’s a great tool. Then, I turned around and re-enabled a friend of mine to buy one, too.


Santa brought me some 1/16 walnut, some 2 layered acrylic from inventables, some magnet purse closures, and a “coupon” for lots of proofgrade once the store has restocked. Santa rocks! :santa:


My monitor was going out so my sweet DH researched monitors looking specifically for a good photo/graphic monitor. He ended up with this Dell 27" beauty that rotates. The picture quality is simply gorgeous. :flushed: He also bought a bunch of exotic wood veneers that are beautiful, but probably the sweetest thing he did was sort through all the project hardwood at Home Depot looking for “just the right” pieces. He said he had them all spread out in the isle so he could compare them and find the prettiest ones. This is probably the most beautiful piece of Poplar I’ve seen. Now I have to figure out what to do with it.

(Discourse does horrible things to my photos sometimes and the monitor looks much better than this lol.)


Wow that’s Home Depot poplar? Those colors are great, looks like canary wood.


Santa got me acrylic pens from Amazon a new work bench from Home Depot and a beautiful Canon Printer. Santa was awesome, Thank You Santa!!


That poplar is stunning. I don’t think I’ve seen anything remotely like that at Home Depot!

I got the Elegoo Mars, some alcohol markers, Yupo paper, a Wacom tablet, and a helping hand/magnifier combo.


Right! Crazy looking for Poplar and the photo doesn’t really do it justice. I don’t want to cut it up so I’ll probably just leave it as is and admire it once in a while. Hubby said he went though every board looking for just the right ones. (Now that’s love!)


How thick is it?

I would love to hear your review of the new saw

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