Didn't cut through! - Part II

Continuing the discussion from Didn't cut through!:

Thanks, @vee. Just one question. Are you going to credit me the sheet of Thick Black Acrylic I lost due to the failure?


I’m sorry for any confusion. I followed up via email with further details about this just after I replied to your post yesterday. If you didn’t receive this email right away, I apologize.

Odd… I still haven’t gotten your e-mail. I got one from Rachel W and Danny C this week, but none from you. But, I do see the credit. So, thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh no! Thanks for letting me know, and I’m sorry about that. I can see how it would have been confusing to not have the email from me after the thread was closed. I’m not certain why it wasn’t received, but I’ll look into it on our end. I’m glad you see the credit, though!