Didn't get the discount

I just ordered a basic Glowforge and used a referral link for that - but, I didn’t get the promised discount of 100$.
Do I have to take back my order now and try it with another link/order or can you help me out on that?
Problem is: I didn’t get any chance to review my information on the purchase or got any “do you really want to buy?”-question. I hit the paypal button and boom - there was the confirmation, I just ordered it.
I don’t know if the mistake was made by me, my computer or your system but having a solution wood be great! :smile:
Thanks in advance, for your support and your product!

Check out what @Brandon has said on this thread: HELP! Seriously... wrong email entered with my purchase

Long story short, send an email to support@glowforge.com. They’ll help you out.

There’s two possibilities.

  1. You clicked the referral and payed with a credit card not Paypal. If that’s the case you’ll get the discount in form of a refund.

  2. You clicked the link, left the page did some other stuff and it got lost somewhere. Not sure if it makes a cookie in your browser when you click the referral, never bothered to check.

Do what syzygy2112 said and shoot an email to support@glowforge.com if you’re unsure.


You can cancel your order up to the day you’re asked for your shipping address. So you have months of time :slight_smile:

I thought they said you could cancel until you give your shipping address…are you sure it’s until delivery?

Sorry my bad, you’re right, fixing the post.

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Ha ha, Easy mistake :smile:

Thanks for your help, guys! :smile:

I also didn’t get my discount when I ordered and now I’m wondering if whoever convinced me to order it got a referral as well. For some reason I was thinking that it would be credited back to the card, which I just checked and the full charge is still there, minus a recent payment I put against it. Now I’m confused about whose blog I read to start with.