Didn't print entire file and camera seems to need calibration

I have a big file with a variety of score, engrave, and cut areas. Not all of the lines were recognized. I was reading another forum entry and it sounded like maybe it’s because it was not in the cut area or shaded gray portion part of the inside of the print didn’t work… I was thinking of breaking the file up into parts and see if that helps… any suggestions?

Also, I think my camera needs some calibrating. It appears to print ~1/8" off to the left of where I place things on the app… Is there something I can do to calibrate the camera?

No. Only workarounds at this point. They’ll update the software and it may get more accurate in the future using data they captured at the factory. You’ll want to make sure the GF is perfectly level, your material is lying flat and that any non Proofgrade material thickness is measured accurately with calipers.

The main two workarounds are to cut a jig or use Kentucky windage.

Could be one of several different causes. Uploading a zip of a sample file can have the forum svg experts help you out.

Two likely causes: if the entire single operation (tile on the left) isn’t within the printable space, it’ll be skipped (grey color). Some svg’s have overlapping objects. The entire objects are engraved even if obscured by a white object. There are tutorials for fixing the overlap by combining objects depending on your editing software.

Thanks for the answer @markwal, that’s right.

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!