Didn't Receive full design from GF Shop for Painter's Tool Trestle


Purchased this design this morning and it seems to only have one page to it. However the assembly directions clearly call for two sets of everything. The 2nd set is definitely a different size (the top) and in some places (the two legs) a different design. What am I missing?


Update: Looks like the 2nd part just never uploaded to our images page. We still need that. Purchased another design (candle holder) and it indeed has two pages, both of which got uploaded to our images correctly.


One more thing. In the email that I got from GF that invites us to email "support@glowforge.com. Neither link is correctly set up as a “mailto” hyperlink. Easy for me to figure out…looks bad from a company stand point.


Support emailed me yesterday and said that I should see both “pages” on my home page. I do not.


Today I thought perhaps if I deleted the design from my home page and then went to the catalogue and tried to open the design that it identifies that I have already purchased that perhaps that would reset things. NOPE. Now I just get an error message. I’m curious if anyone else is having this problem. Surely, I can’t be the only one that has purchased this plan? And it seems odd that this type of problem would be unique to my computer.


I went ahead and bought this (probably something I would have eventually bought anyway) and got this:



I suspect that it is fixed moving forward as I was told it was. But unfortunately it is not fixed for me.


Today my home page correctly lists the two pages and this topic can be closed.


Glad to hear things are working for you now!

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