Die with 3D printed corners

Experimenting with 3D printed corners.


And thus, the multi digi-fab machine making begins…

No, wait! there was a cnc router and a :glowforge: last night! This is how it always begins. :scream:


I’m getting a bed temp error on my Prusa MK2. It’s intermittent and I can jiggle the wires to get rid of it, but am in the process of getting a replacement wire. It’s killing me because up to this point, I’ve been able to print and forget and it comes out great almost any time.

This is a cool application and gets me to think of other fasteners and connectors I can use. Thanks for posting.


Exactly, if all you see is a die you won’t go far. If you see 100s of derivatives, and I know you do, then there is no limit to where such a simple photo can lead.


Yep, this was just a easy proof of concept. Now for the real work


I have a Prusa MK3 coming and I am super excited about doing Forge/Prusa Projects. Of course, I am waiting for both - Patience is a Virtue! Getting a bunch of ideas on paper (or F360’d)!


Mine is arriving today! hopefully with the mk3 MMU, although the shipping doesn’t indicate 2 boxes!


You must have gotten in early. Mine doesn’t come until late January. I thought the MMU was a January delivery, too. We hall see. Did you get the kit to the assembled?

Reminds me of a companion cube.


Ordered mine at MFNY while standing in the Prusa booth on my phone! (since my BigBox had failed the week prior)


My first thought was you were making shipping crate corners for an individual die @bary.nusz! LOL!!!

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Definitely earlier theme. I did not hear about it until end of October - C’est la vie.

Bit of a heart attack when I saw the box, but apparently they are using the mk2 boxes to ship the mk3! (inside was a mk3). Apparently on the FB list there are stickers on some boxes that say mk3 over the mk2… Waiting for the printer to warm up as it was sitting out in 30 degree weather.


Can’t wait to see the first print! Any idea what it will be?

Well at the moment I am struggling with the auto-setup (I know funny thing is it is too automagical so I don’t know why it’s failing). The step it is failing on the z-height automagical thing, where you put down a sheet of printer paper and using it’s magical current sensing stepper drivers it moves back and forth over the locations on the bed and measures the friction with the paper to get a perfect z-height. On the 4th location it goes for almost 5 minutes then plunges into the print bed (actually scraped the black paint off the heater!). I tried one of the test prints but that failed (ish) due to the z-height being off it didn’t adhere super well and got some layer slip. But damn this thing is near silent! Zero stepper whine at all. You can’t hear the fans when they kick in either… In reading the manual (WTF?) I noted that you can mechanically adjust the pinda probe for z-height which I may do to try and get first layers set right. Unfortunately I guess the MMU is coming later.

I hope this thing works! This is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. I’ll accept the odd packaging, but the z height issues are mildly concerning.

Just not sure how it is supposed to work. Used to leveling the printer myself (in my day…)


for the record, I am not going to make this a habit but I read the manual! OK, now have Z manually adjusted properly… Seems to be doing a nice first layer… Printing an adalinda (because go big or go home) rather than a benchy


Things like 3D printers come with manuals? Humph…who would’ve thought? Can you share a pic of the adalinda? Agree - big or go home!

This is in the prusa PLA which was included in the box at 0.2mm later height (off the included SD card)