Difference Between SD & HD Engraves?

Is there a way to measure/articulate the difference between HD and SD engraving - possibly in general ways like LPI or resolution or something that would help me get my head around the quality difference?

I loaded up a sign I am doing today and the SD version is going to take 32 minutes while the HD version was 3:21. That’s an enormous difference in time.

What have you all learned about the difference between the two?


Photo or Graphic?

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You can look at the manual settings for the automatic Proofgrade selection by selecting manual settings after selecting the Proofgrade SD or HD. The SD runs about 3 times faster speed than the HD and the HD LPI is about twice the SD. So HD is much slower and far higher resolution.


Curiously… looking at Draft/SD/HD Graphic Engraves.

For Maple Ply and Walnut Ply (and a few others I spot checked including draftboard, some hardwood, etc.):
Draft/SD both use Varypower.
HD is using dithering/convert to dots.

I had thought all 3 graphic modes were using Varypower.


SD for me has been full speed with an intense engrave depth with quality that looks a little pixelated, using LPI 270. HD is crazy fine high quality, with LPI over 400 (450? I forget). I think they should provide a default setting between the two, because you can get good quality from LPI 270 and speed of 500ish, which doesn’t take too much longer. You’ll have to find the power that works best for what you’re doing, but that might be a good start at finding that happy medium.

Edit: When I say that I noticed the SD being a bit pixelated, I am talking about a small detailed 1-inch print. For something much bigger than that, it could be quite fine.

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