Difference laser cutting depending on the type of machine

Does only the Pro and Plus glowforge laser cut on laptops and metal materials?

None will cut metal, but all three models can mark metals. Certain metals will require applying a material like Cermark to mark. Metals that have a coating (like anodized aluminum) work well in that the laser can remove the colored anodized (or other) coating, leaving the bare metal below.


So its harmless to use material that’s not sold on the site, because they are sold out of basically everything? What’s a good site to order the anodized aluminum if you know of any.

Not harmless, but very common-I almost never use proofgrade materials. You need to make sure what you’re putting in is laser safe. Otherwise You risk fumes dangerous to you and the machine. This forum has a ton of good threads on materials and sources. Using the little magnifying glass, you can search the forum. Things like ‘how to tell laser safe material’ ‘anodized aluminum source’ ‘wood source’ etc will return lots of stuff! It’s a bit of reading/research but you’ll learn a ton and it’ll put you in a good spot for using the laser. Also make sure to check out the tutorials in the tips and tricks section, especially those on manual settings. I’m on my phone now so not the easiest to link you to those :blush::+1:


If you do a forum search for “anodized aluminum” you should get plenty of hits.