Differences between graphic & photo settings?

Do we know what the difference between draft graphic, sd graphic, hd graphic are in terms of technical specs or dpi?

I had something set to HD photo and it wanted to take hours to print… I had it set to draft graphic and it took around 10 minutes.

Photo vs. Graphic advice?

Knowing how to enter the correct settings to get the best print would be very helpful! Any advice?

What you need to do to get at the actual settings (power, speed,etc) for each of the options is set them initially to the Proofgrade option then set to Manual operation in the dropdown. The settings that were used for the Proofgrade will be indicated in the power, speed, etc areas.


I was just bit the other day trusting the HD graphics setting for PG Medium Cherry Plywood (PGMCP), but I think the HD setting for PG Maple is better.

Just make sure the numbers look “reasonable” to you. On the PGMCP the HD setting was very low power and slow speed but it didn’t even mark the wood in some spots through the masking. The SD setting was wide open power and speed resulting in a nice deep, dark engrave. Watch the LPI setting too. 270 is a good start, bigger numbers giving more overlap (and taking longer to engrave) and smaller numbers starting to show banding.


I’m missing something… can you change settings after you set SD Graphic? Like for example SD Graphic is a preset but then you can tweak it?

So you can use PG as a starting point and then go manual / tweak? I did NOT know this!


Yes, exactly! Give it a try.

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Please be sure to send pictures & time of print to support@glowforge.com so they can investigate for you.

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