Difficulty adding users

Hi there!

I am trying to add students to the glowforges and I am getting some students who don’t have the opportunity to set up their password. It will just take them straight to a login screen. Usually when I have them give me a non-school email it then works. However, sometimes school emails do work. Anyone run into this?

Thanks in advance!

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Did you try having them say they forgot their password? I think this is an ongoing, intermittent issue.

Ah I’m an idiot. I didn’t - I’ll try that. Thanks!

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You’re not an idiot. It’s completely illogical to say you’ve forgotten a password you didn’t set. And I only know about this because I had a similar problem!

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I’m sorry your students had trouble getting set up. Did @ChristyM advice work for you? If not let me know and we will look into this further.

I didn’t have class with them yesterday - I’ll see if the issues pops up today and I’ll try it and let you know. Thank you!

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