Direct Vent Solution

Here was my solution to direct vent my unit. It works flawlessly and I didn’t cover the window!


Looks good! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is there something in the window frame such that you cut with the window open and it effectively acts like a blast gate when closed?

Nice solution!

My run is about that length. I found that an inline booster fan was really needed to eliminate all the odor.

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that looks great. really nice solution to keep it from looking kludgey.

is there a screen in the window? is the screen in front of the vent hose opening? i only ask because i’ve seen screens clog up with residue when the fumes pass through. i had a dryer vent cover over my exhaust on the outside that came with a piece of screen in it. i didn’t take that screen out and it became clogged and backed up my exhaust a bit.

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Basically I made a cabinet front with a solid bottom section to attach a vent. The following pictures will hopefully clarify.


There is a dryer vent mounted on the flat panel of the cabinet front. See the other picture I added.

I did similar, but now with a new machine, magnets shielded if used at all, and the Vivosun assist the levels of smoke moving by at any one time is much less so there is a lot less buildup than I remember as being commonplace. With just the Vivosun running most of the time it pulls along the exhaust fan keeping things cleaner and cooler still


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