Disappointed with ordering consumer service

Am I the only one frustrated with ordering proofgrade products. One gets no shipping date, no tracking info and a email response that’s kind of snarky when you ask for status on an order. In this day and age a sales system should be providing estimated shipping date and tracking details online. And, at the very least, followup email when I ask for a shipping date. There is no reason that can’t tell you upfront if a product is in stock and the shipping date.


Never really had an bad issue. Sometimes i get the tracking info sometimes i don’t. I usually get mine within a week of my order but last order was a little longer with the holiday which i can understand. GF doesnot ship the material themselves they have a third party. Based on the packing order it looks likes you order, GF submits a PO then the PO is filed by the third party and shipped.

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I know we have all come to expect instant responses to our inquiries. Glowforge has not gotten to that point of customer service and may never get there. I believe, however, that items cannot be ordered if they are out of stock so you can reasonable assume your items are stocked. I have been lucky enough to receive fairly quick confirmations of my order. When my tracking number turned out to be incorrect, my inquiry was quickly addressed. Patience is not my strong suit, but I have found the Proofgrade materials worth the wait and hiccups in the order fulfillment process. I hope your order arrives soon.

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Sadly, that is not true. My last order was apparently part of a limited/no stock supply issue. It took me a week and several increasingly shouty emails to find that out. All told it took from 11/15 to 12/2 for it to get to me. At that, I was happy, since the tracking had been showing delivery on 12/4. If I hadn’t been trying to finish an order after the material failed, I would have been more patient. If they’d been up front about a delay I would have been more patient.

Agree that their customer service is lacking. Probably why their Operations group has the most career openings and help explain the declining employee reviews on Glassdoor.


At least you can order…be thankful for that :grinning:. International customers cant even order yet. Many dollars in credit that cant be used yet.

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This may be the only time I’ve ever said this.
I wish I lived in Seattle!

{Ahem} I’ve worked at a lot of places that wish they could “decline” to a 4.3!

Automated tracking/shipping info will come, remember at under 5 years this is really a baby company for the quantities they’re dealing with
I just don’t order anything on a tight deadline, and try to keep a back-stock. Of course for me, I’m not dealing in large quantities so…


Agree on the 4.3.

I’ve been part of many startups over the last 50 years and understand growing pains. It is a good problem to have. A lot better than no sales. :grinning:

Thank you for the feedback and encouragement. As @bill.skeen said, we are hiring and are currently training new people so that we can reply more promptly. @dan_corjulo, I’m sorry for the poor experience you’ve had and I’ve replied to your email.

As I just posted in another thread, we had an issue that prevented a batch of orders from receiving their tracking properly, and a smaller number didn’t ship properly. We’re getting the orders straightened out and are resolving the underlying issue, too.