Disappointment from europe (Spain)

I am not happy at all with this result. this is not a space shuttle that has to be built.

i’m so disappointed the Company doesn’t have a realistic date for product release instead of focusing on releasing product & manufacturing it seems like their only interest is selling more products. to wait 2.5 years is ridiculous. how many people would buy tis product if they knew tey had to wait 2 years for arrival.

reléase dates have changed to many times and time after time the date is extended.


i will wait until march or i will be forced to take legal action

thank you very much for your attention

You don’t have to take the drastic measure of legal action – you can just get a refund


I’m not 100% sure, but I think once you call “legal action” Glowforge may be forced to pass that to their legal team for their own safety. That result could certainly be a forced refund to avoid the legal action that you stated, unequivocally, would be taken upon failure to deliver before March. You might want to reconsider if you actually want one of these things.

That said, why on Earth would you waste your money on such action rather than just get an immediate refund? There’d literally be no benefit to having a lawyer ask for your refund when you can just do it yourself for free.


Seriously… Agreed.
Read a post about someone who took out a loan to buy a glow-forge. Does anyone read the fine print? Or understand the product development life-cycle? Or… OR… better question… understand money? Forced to take action? No one is forcing you to do anything. Either wait patiently, or get your refund and go buy something else. Free up the forum for people who want to engage the community for their forges, not your complaining session.


Unfortunately you won’t be abler to do it because it is impossible to sue an American company from Europe on a crowdfunding “contract”. Plus, they don’t have any legal representatives in Europe. You’ll have to find someone in the US that will fill out the papers for you and you’ll lose.


Taking out a loan to purchase a crowdfunded product is almost as crazy as getting a second mortgage to invest in bitcoin. :smile: