Discount on proof grade material

Hi, I pay for the Premium subscription. Is there a discount on materials if you subscribe to that? Thanks! Kim

Your main benefits are listed on the product page:

There may on occasion be an exclusive or early access offer but there’s no guaranteed or standard discount on any of it for the subscribers.

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Wasn’t it announced some time ago that premium subscribers receive a standing 20% discount on regular priced PG? (It shows up on your cart)

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Possibly, but I don’t buy often if at all and it isn’t listed on the premium benefits page.

You’d think that was a major benefit to list if it was still active(introduced as a monthly code in Jan 20, and at some point was made automatic in cart yes).

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I suggest you look for local, or at least alternative material sources.

Proofgrade is quite nice, especially the finished plywood for decorative projects that will receive close scrutiny, but that’s easy to achieve yourself. Otherwise, you are paying a premium for materials with little other benefits. Consistency in cutting is another, but if you avoid the cheapest materials from the big-box stores, that will rarely be an issue.


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