Discourse Display Errors

Im pretty sure its not just me, but I have been seeing a lot of display errors in the ‘latest’, ‘new’, and ‘unread’ counts. I click on one, look at everything, click on the next, and the number is back. If I click back to it the category is empty.


Me too, it is like I got blocked from everything or it all just came to a screeching halt.

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Yeah, was that way when I got back from a 10 day camping trip on Monday. Figured there wasn’t any reason for me to pipe up. Someone else would. Have to continually switch between the New and Unread categories to ensure I don’t miss a post.

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I’m seeing the same type of things.

I’m having the same issues.

i assumed it’s some caching thing since reloading gets rid of the phantom numbers.

I found that you have to hit the reload button (in the browser or the Discourse app) for it to reset the proper counts.

It started after the “fix” for the Japanese language character issues.


Hi there,
Yup – it’s a regression that we’re aware of. We have someone planning to
work on it today. Sorry for the inconvenience!


I noticed this as well.
I find hitting ctrl +f5 gets rid of it temporarily

Ditto. Last time I complained about a Discourse issue I got too many people suggesting it was somehow my fault. So I didn’t bother this time.


yep, me too. Started yesterday for me. 12-13 “new” showing, but empty when I click on it.

It’s a scientific experiment to see if you can trigger the onset of Alzheimers by telling people you have something new to tell them, and then when they ask what, you say you already told them.