Discourse image display issues (not Glowforge related)

Hey, is anybody else having problems getting images to fully load in this forum? Lately I’ve been getting sporadic partial loading of people’s uploaded images. It seems to stop at the blurry stage. Not for all images but maybe a third to half of them. It happens using the Discourse app on my iPad as well as Firefox on MacOS.


yes. Same here.

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This actually happened to me on someone’s thread about an hour ago. I refreshed the page and it popped back up, but hadn’t encountered that before today.

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I’m good. Sounds like it might be local network issues.

Try www.fast.com to see how your speed is doing,and reboot your router.

I’ve seen that when using my phone and if I click it, it will render fully resolved in the popup. But haven’t had an issue with my laptop on my home network. And my phone is on the same network so it shouldn’t matter. :man_shrugging:

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No issues here. I have seen this now and then but it’s always been that way (even on 1Gbps broadband). Recent problems are possibly due to increase in local broadband demands.

Me too. Suspect lots of bits of the interwebs are being a bit swamped.

Here in the UK we are in full lockdown, so netflix, amazon prime etc are reducing video quality in order not to swamp bandwidth, but with everybody either working or “resting” at home internet has probably never been so hard used for so long.

Also, quite a lot of companies are switching to Discourse for internal organisation and chats for home workers.

Not sure what the US situation is, but I bet it is the same issue.



There are some other strange things going on like i’m having dates on the side bar be incorrect. Not sure if it is related or not, It’s either something buggy and broken on discourse or @rbtdanforth Has some serous questions to answer regarding time travel. the post above that one was 1 hr ago and same thing.


Oops I am not supposed to let anyone know about that secret group and now they will not let me go into the past to fix it


My page is not displaying correctly either.


Interesting. I was assuming it was just me. It’s not just lately but, it is intermittent and, has been most of the time lately. I rarely have trouble with Discourse on my desktop and laptop machines but, it is frequent on my iOS devices while using WiFi. On my phone, if I turn off wifi and, use the cellular connection, I see fewer problems. It’s bad enough today that I gave up reading the forum on my iPad and, moved to a desktop.

To be clear: when it is not working on my iPad, I can go to a desktop machine (WIFi or Ethernet) and, everything works fine.

I see similar image loading issues with the Instagram, Twitter and YouTube apps on iOS. I see the same Discourse behavior in the Discourse app and, via both Safari and Brave.

I just reset my iPad to factory and, restored the last backup with no changes in symptoms. I was thinking of doing a full factory reset without restore next.

I would be curious to know if:

  1. It works on your desktop/laptop when it is not working on your iOS device.
  2. If it works on your iOS device on the cellular network when it is not working via Wifi
  3. If you see similar issues with Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

I only log on with a lap top but everything is working normally again.

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