Discourse is making my dyslexia visible to everyone


For the last day or so edits have been very slow to update so several times I’ve clicked “reply” and the unedited version of my post has gone out. Now that I am aware of it I’m catching it but something is not right with the forum software.


Sorry, I’m not understanding your report. What do you mean “edits have been
very slow to update”?

Let me try this as a narrative then. Starting on Friday or Saturday when I type out several paragraphs I go to correct all or at least most of the mistakes (did I mention that I’m dyslexic?). When I am done editing and press reply what gets posted is often what I originally typed not what I have edited it to be.
The work around is to delete a letter and add it back and watch the window on the right for the update.

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Thanks. I haven’t seen that before, but I’ll do some testing. Can you
verify what operating system and browser you’re using?

Windows 10 and both chrome and Firefox. Both browsers have several extensions including Grammarly.

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Did some testing - I have not been able to reproduce this myself. Edits are
going through without issue.

Can you share a link to one of the posts where you had the issue so we can
dig into the logs?

When I get back on my pc later tonight I’ll see if I can catch it in the act and get a screen shot. I have no problems with it on the phone or tablet.

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Well, well, things have changed again but the problem is still there. this was snapped right before 0200cst. It has sat for a while, I finally had to stimulate it to get it to update. I just had to do it right here right now as well! BTW, I won’t make you play to find the difference. Look at “quantum” in the second line on both sides.


Yeeesh! And the word confident…misspelled on the right side!

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Probably an issue with Gramerly and Discourse together.

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Okay let’s test that theory. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their…

Yup. Something has changed in the code of one or both but that is it.