Discourse not marking last post read


Today when I click on an unread topic, read it all and then go back to the unread list it still shows the topic unread. When I click on it again it highlights the last post in blue briefly. So I have to visit all topics twice for them to go from the unread list.

Anybody else notice this?


Nope, not having that problem today. do you have it open in another browser?


On computer or mobile device?

Which browser?

Any specific topic?

I have not experienced this either, but maybe the browser is caching oddly.


Noticed when reading on my phone that I had to scroll down slightly past the last post before the count updated.


I get that on certain posts, particularly if I’ve been reading a lot, it seems like some sort of check to make sure you’re really reading (thanks nanny). Anyway, if you wait until the background blinks before leaving the post, it works fine.


it does that to me occasionally, I just have to refresh the browser and it usually starts working correctly again.


I was having issues on iOS yesterday. Don’t seem to be having issues today. No issues on Chrome.


All of Discourse’s last-post-read stuff is iffy for me at best. I keep a browser window open to the Latest Topics page, and even when I do the click-to-update thing it seems to only update the items that are currently visible in the window.


Did it to me no matter how many or few I read about a year ago for a few days. Then it stopped. Happened on two threads (but not any others) again this week.


We just had our utility meters replaced with smarter smart meters, so I had to switch my computer off. After restarting it the problem seems to have gone away.


Me too. Have to scroll until it won’t go anymore. Gotta display the whole stack of other post links and the summary of activity.


I’ve always had the same unread topics regardless of how often I looked at them and about 10 of them never went away. Then a few days ago, POOF, they were marked as “read”. Obviously something changed and it was satisfying to see some of the friggin’ annoying posts finally gone lol.


Theres a discourse bug that happens sometimes when someone posts a reply and then deletes it. It will not allow anyone to have the thread marked as completely read until another post is made.

If its not a bugged post, you just have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the thread and wait a few seconds for it to send the read call over.


Baloney. It was an intentional conspiracy to keep my me from having zero unread messages and thus delaying my GF arrival. I read on the internet that only the cool “unread” kids are getting them so I know it’s true…

(Excuse me while I go find another bear to poke… :grin::bear:)


I have no unread post from the last 100 days, plenty of likes, lots given. Look at my status. It got demoted because some people flagged some post they didn’t want to see. No un-civility or bad language or personal attacks, just views they didn’t want to see.


Only flagged someone once over a year ago, but flags don’t count against you unless the moderator agrees.

It’s a lot, lot harder to remain a Regular than it used to be. The equation has changed.


I got demoted when a couple of people said they flagged me. I can’t think of any other reason.


days visited? That’s the only other thing you haven’t mentioned. Doubt that as you do post fairly frequently though.


Yes visit most days as retired.


I thought if you quickly wound up with a passel of flags your status could change until dan unflagged them?