Discourse Search Bug / Feature Improvement


Hey @discourse! Doing a search on just a person’s username (e.g. @AhnoldZ ) should return all of their posts. At least based on the search page it seems like that is what should be returned. But if there are multiple posts in one topic then only one of those posts is returned. The rest are ignored. Can make it really hard to find a post that you know exists if it isn’t the only post in a topic!


From the person’s profile page clicking ‘Activity’ brings up all their posts.


I agree.

A little less convenient workaround is to click on the user somewhere and then click “activity” in the drop-down. The search box on that page allows you to restrict the search to just that user.


Yup I’ve used ‘activity’ as well in the past to find posts. But unless you know this behavior of the search function you don’t know to do the workaround. So that’s why I posted this bug report.


Gentle reminder that posts in P&S automagically generate Glowforge support tickets, requiring GF staff hours to track, respond, & close, while (at)discourse will get the message from anywhere, including PMs.


We’re actually in the process of deprecating that support channel – to get us in the future you’ll need to email support@discourse.org

Correct, that is by design. I believe it is a legacy from the days that we only returned 50 records per search, which meant that lots of history was truncated if the initial topics has multiple responses.

You can search across an individual topic to get granular search results at a post level or visit the activity page as already suggested.


Here’s a good Q: @dan if/when we remove things from #problems-and-support, does that help support any or would that further complicate things?